suitcase, and when pulling the luggage , the bag can be firmly secured through the

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Since the establishment of the Special Committee of Digital Live, Brand Venture Capital, Finance and Taxation risk Control and Government Policy in 2021, Shenzhen Futian District supply chain Science and Technology Finance Association has been conducting in-depth research and analysis in various dimensions under the general trend of the development of digital economy. I hope that by integrating more resources, understanding market demand and analyzing market trends, we can help our entity enterprises better achieve digital upgrading. Promote the growth of enterprises. During this visit, Mr. Luo Xingqiang, Chairman of Guangzhou Dongrong handbag products Co., Ltd., not only showed you the selection hall, R & D, design and production factory of the enterprise, but also introduced the development process, core competence and cooperative customers of the enterprise, so that you have a deeper understanding of Guangzhou Dongrong and luggage industry.

Walking into the charity luggage poverty alleviation micro factory in Damo Township, Weixian County, the workers turned their fingers and quickly and skillfully stitched up the bags. They were very busy, and the orders in their hands were pull-up backpacks specially made for the Winter Olympic Games.

suitcase, and when pulling the luggage , the bag can be firmly secured through the

However, in addition to the field of energy absorption and heat resistance, polypropylene foam (EPP) also has good thermal weldability, which makes polypropylene foam (EPP) also widely used in car sheds, doors, roofs, carpet support materials, sound insulation panels, door linings and luggage racks, etc.; its good hot processing makes it widely used in control boxes, shock panels and other components. In addition, polypropylene foam (EPP) can also make steering wheel, door inner panel energy absorption protection pad, cushion, headrest, toolbox, cushion, dashboard and so on.

Transformation and upgrading to expand financial and commercial business * finally, the price of the order settlement page shall prevail. However, in addition to the field of energy absorption and heat resistance, polypropylene foam also has good thermal weldability, which makes polypropylene foam is also widely used in car shed, door roof, carpet support material, door lining and luggage rack, etc.; its good hot processing type makes it widely used in control box shock-proof board and other components. In addition, polypropylene foam can also make steering wheel door inner plate energy absorption protection cushion cushion headrest tool box cushion dashboard and so on.

In addition to the location of the computer, several other places have been divided into several areas to facilitate the placement of things such as cards to avoid all the stuff being mixed up in the bag. You can also take it with you when you go out on weekdays, in addition to its large capacity and reasonable zoning design. The strap satchel is also well compatible with the suitcase, and when pulling the luggage, the bag can be firmly secured through the pull rod through the area on the back of the bag, so the burden is much less.

To this end, Roewe i6 has taken into account the improvement of interior air quality at the beginning of its design, insisting on adopting the safest and environmentally friendly materials and processes, for example, the dashboard is covered with PVC material, and the central control handrail is covered with water-based glue instead of solvent-based glue; the panel of the instrument panel is molded with plastic high-gloss injection molding instead of poor odor paint and water transfer printing process; luggage carpets use PP cavity board instead of wood fibreboard with bad smell and high VOC. Abandon the waste felt material which is harmful to the human body, use the PET sound absorbing material suitable for skin contact, and so on. It can be said that in terms of details, the Roewe i6 has achieved the extreme.

In addition to the common advantages of aluminum alloy materials, aluminum profiles also have some unique excellent characteristics, such as low cost of profile extrusion die, flexible design of section shape to meet different stiffness requirements, strong tightness and good sound insulation effect. At present, the automobile parts suitable for the manufacture of aluminum profiles mainly include: front and rear bumper, door anti-collision beam, energy absorption box, dashboard bracket, new energy battery shell, guideway, luggage rack, chassis and body structure, etc. Figure 7 shows the battery package structure of Volkswagen MEB platform. The lower shell of MEB battery is made of profiles and plates. The main connection processes include MIG brazing (automatic visual inspection of welds), glue coating, Rivtac high-speed piercing riveting, bolt connection, etc.

suitcase, and when pulling the luggage , the bag can be firmly secured through the

Water transfer printing is used in a wide range of applications, including well-known T-shirt patterns, luggage decorations, calendar shelves, rackets, sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, chandeliers, electronic products (such as mice, notebooks, telephones, remote controls) and car interior accessories such as dashboards, handrails, control panels and so on.

“professionally create a New Life”, the Group focuses on promoting its core strengths, actively integrates channel resources and vigorously expands the industrial scale. By 2016, it has set up 8 major business departments, Kai Li Blade Business Department, Razor Business Department, small Home Appliances Beauty Department, Trade Division, luggage Business Department, domestic Brand Department, domestic E-Commerce Department, Cross-Border E-commerce Department, and strategic coordination to pay attention to the future development trend. The future development of Kai Li will focus on the present, look to the future development trend, provide more professional and multi-faceted systematic solutions for the industry and market, and create a new pattern of globalized industry. focus on becoming an innovator in the global personal care device industry and realizing the social career dream of win-win and common prosperity.

In order to actively contribute to the national rural revitalization strategy, Jiuyuan Aviation Commonweal provides its fleet with a number of aircraft cabin display and promotion channels. On the first day of the event, AQ1309 Guangzhou-Hefei, AQ1551 Guangzhou-Xinzhou Wutai Mountain, AQ1035 Guangzhou-Ningbo, AQ1121 Guangzhou-Qionghai and other boutique business and travel routes with strong demand for entry and exit from Guangzhou were launched to carry out rich theme flight activities, such as the display of posters of all-cabin luggage racks, as well as characteristic in-flight broadcasting, to vividly tell and spread the development of Lingnan litchi industry, brand cultural characteristics and the story of rural revitalization. And the use of fresh supply chain to ensure the local litchi on the plane, please travel to and from the country to taste fresh free of charge. Make full use of civil aviation air bridges to enrich and popularize the communication channel matrix, take practical actions to help break through the traditional problem of “regional surplus” in the sales of agricultural products, and inject new momentum into the revitalization of rural areas in Guangdong. Return to Sohu to see more