captain of the community, tied a wet towel to his face

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The last method took too long, so I thought hard, and finally the second method was born in my mind. I first open the shower head, wet my hair as fast as I can, then wring the towel dry, spread it on the floor, squeeze a large ball of shampoo onto the towel, and then, horizontal 90% discount, vertical 90% discount, towel beat, beat out a lot of bubbles, and finally put it on my hair, I turned the water to the maximum, and soon rinsed it clean.

It is understood that 80% of the heating leakage is caused by users moving radiator components at will. If there is any leakage, please inform the property in time and ask professionals to carry out maintenance. Before formal heating, users are not allowed to disassemble or change heating facilities without authorization. They should pay attention to check their own heating facilities and report for repair in time if there is any leakage. Most of the residents were at a loss in the face of the leak. Radiator leakage should be immediately blocked with thick towels, rags and other items, reduce water flow, reduce the loss caused by hot water gushing, indoor small air valve break or leakage should immediately use towels and other items to plug, find a round chopstick to plug the leakage, at the same time to close the intake and return valves, and then ask professionals to repair.

Xiaoya also understands something at this time, desperately blocking the explanation and pulling, but the boyfriend is determined to come back. Her boyfriend ended up with everything she owned, including toothbrushes, towels and even a pair of unwashed socks, and she cried all night.

Teacher “Today, the teacher invited some lovely animals to play in our classroom. Please take off the towels and have a look. Who is it?” “Little tadpole.” “the little tadpoles want to play with the children. Now they want to ask the children to take a closer look. What do they look like? Please express the capable dolls in beautiful words. ” When the toddler finished, the teacher summarized: “the little tadpole has a big head, a black body and a long tail.” At the same time, it inspires the head of tadpoles to be round like the little fingers of young children.

Desktop disinfection is a routine work that caregivers have to repeat many times every day, which seems simple but needs to be meticulous, from the proportion of 84 disinfectant dosage, wiping, desktop “cleaning” steps, to the correct use of cleaning and disinfection towels. Every step requires care and patience. The nurse wiped the table and corner of the table clean, showing the solid basic skills of the nurse.

Many people of the older generation will squeeze the R head for the child after the baby is born, which is a very dangerous behavior and may cause R head infection. It is recommended to use warm towels or cotton swabs to clean the skin of the R head for the child.

If the formaldehyde content is too high, the towel will begin to smell after a few days of use, making people feel slightly uncomfortable, slowly irritating the eyes, and even causing nausea and vomiting.

Summer is good, boys can go to the river pond to swim and bathe freely, even if girls are not convenient to go into the water and play, they can also draw a basin of water, the sun is warm, hide in the room at night and wipe themselves with towels. But the long winter has come, and we have been unable to clean our bodies for several months.

Then, accompanied by community workers, emergency callers opened the door and found that there was no one at home, but there was thick smoke in the room and open fire in the kitchen. Natural gas is in the kitchen, with tens of thousands of consequences unimaginable. As the firefighters had not yet arrived at the scene at that time, Captain Yang, the security captain of the community, tied a wet towel to his face and rushed into the room alone to put out the fire, which was put out in less than ten minutes.

We also give “special” care to individual “special” children in the class and conduct case studies. For example, children Yang Qifeng, because the system is not very good, it is easy to get sick. Every day, we have to put a towel on his back for a nap. On the other hand, we encourage him, who is physically weak, to actively participate in physical exercise and strengthen his interest in diet and food intake. Now Yang Qifeng has become healthier and more lively. Rain dream children are very easy to wet their pants and bed. Every day when we take a nap at noon, we always give him a cotton mat, ask her to go to the toilet regularly, and remind her to go to the toilet after the nap.

The electric towel rack is so powerful that what we fear most in the south every year may be the rainy season and winter, especially the cold and damp in the bathroom. Especially families who have just given birth to babies will pay more attention to health and sterilization.